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Fences are an important part of a residential or commercial property that offers protection, privacy, safety to the people, children, pets and the goods inside the enclosure. They also protect the property from encroachment or unwanted intrusion. Fences also make landscaping and gardening possible, make the property look good, and enhance its curb appeal. There are many kinds of fence materials in use today and your fence contractors should be able to advise you what material will suit specific purposes. 

Who We Are?         

New Bedford Fence Company is a fairly well-known New Bedford fence company offering its services for many years. We take pride in being reliable fence builders with a broad range of products and services. We know each property is different and unique. That’s why we work closely with our clients to identify the best products and services to suit their individual needs. We aim to become the first choice of New Bedford residents when it comes to offering a fencing solution.

Our Company Mission 

We are driven by a strong desire to become the most preferred fencing company in New Bedford, Massachusetts. We are already quite well-known in our region for our quality products and services. We aim to further consolidate our position and become the number 1 company in the industry through superior customer experience. To achieve this goal, we recognize the importance of our clients and we rededicate ourselves to providing 100% satisfaction to our customers through improved products and services. 

Our Company Vision 

Our vision of the fencing industry is quite optimistic and bright. We believe the industry will grow at a rapid pace over the next decade. We also believe that new products and technologies will bring necessary disruptions in the industry. Our vision is to not only be ready for the challenge but also be ready to lead the new changes in the industry. This sets us on the course to identify and integrate every new product and technology in our business.

Our Company Values 

A great company is known for the sense of reliability and dependability it creates among its stakeholders including the staff and customers. As a business enterprise, we want our company and staff to be the cornerstone of reliability. We wish our staff to reflect on the values that we as a company adopt from time to time. Making the customer the center of all our activities, prompt and reliable services, cost-effectiveness, and overall happy customer experience are some of the values that we as a company cherish. 

Our Fence Contractors Services

We offer a broad range of fencing services that include the following:

Residential Fence Contractors

We offer a well-planned installation of residential fencing for all purposes and nature. From boundary fencing to the pool, pet and private enclosures, we offer all kinds of residential fencing solutions to the homeowners in our area. We offer competitive pricing and the most suitable fencing materials for every particular need of a home.   

Commercial Fence Contractors

Commercial property is mostly under the protection of a security system rather than an individual. That’s why it is important that commercial fencing should be implemented by experienced fencing contracts. The fence is a part of the security system that protects a commercial establishment from break-in, intrusion, espionage, safety, and security. That’s why we offer the best quality and strongest possible fencing materials and designs for commercial properties. 

Wood Fence

Perhaps a wood fence has been around since the time the first fence was installed. It’s so primitive, versatile, flexible, yet it has an irresistible nostalgic feel about it. It’s easy to rot, susceptible to moisture, difficult to install but nothing can beat its rustic charm. So, it is still very popular and we feel pride in offering the best fencing solution using woods. 

Vinyl Fence 

If anything that comes close to the rustic and traditional charm of the wooden fence, it is the vinyl fence. It’s lightweight, rather easy to install, slightly more expensive than wood, but longer-lasting too. It requires little maintenance and can stay in its place much the same no matter what the weather is. We offer the best vinyl fencing products and installation services.     

Iron Fence

Iron is a wonderful fencing material. It is strong yet easy to mold into an attractive design. It embodies strength and malleability. It’s a good fencing material for any property that needs added security with a touch aesthetic. Wrought iron fencing extends this scope further. It offers protection but at the same time, it allows people to look at what the inside is like – ideal for public institutions. We offer iron fencing solutions for all kinds of needs. 

Aluminum Fence 

Like iron, aluminum can last a lifetime. It’s a good medium to create enclosures for pets, polls and private spaces. It looks elegant and can be painted to suit and complement the surrounding décor. We offer a broad range of aluminum fencing for all kinds of needs.  

Swimming Pool Enclosure 

Your pool needs protection from nearby debris – leaves, twigs, stray papers, and such things — that can end up in the pool with the help of winds. Alternatively, an unprotected pool can be dangerous for pets, children and you never know what else. So, you need fencing around it and we specialize in this kind of work.

Why Choose Us As Your Fence Contractors In New Bedford, MA? 

Our goal is to provide the highest quality of fencing materials and installations at cost-efficient prices. From the moment you call us for your fencing needs till the job is completed to your satisfaction, we offer our services with promptness and extreme courtesy. You will complete your fencing project – residential or commercial, vinyl or wooden, iron or aluminum, anything as long as it’s about fencing.   

Why Is New Bedford Fence Company The Best Fence Contractors In New Bedford, MA?

New Bedford Fence Company is one of the most reliable, dependable, and fully insured fencing companies that offers its services in New Bedford, MA, and surrounding areas. Because of our commitment and hundreds of completed projects, we are quite well-known in our city and beyond. We believe in giving our customers only the best products and services and that’s exactly what makes us the best fencing contractors in our area.

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